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Paxia Brochure

Learn about Paxia—who we are and how our products simplify the complexities of airline catering management.

Paxia IFX

Real-time catering management across your entire onboard services network.

Paxia GP

Easy-to-use galley planning, ordering, and scheduling solution.

Paxia Services

Gain total peace of mind with our expert services teams—from dedicated support to implementation to expert consulting.


Outgrown Your Airline’s In-House Catering Software?

Here’s how to know if you have and if you should look at different options.

The Complete Top Tips & Tricks for Paxia IFX

Get over 35 favorite tips & hidden gems brought to you by our Paxia IFX Experts.

Top 5 Tips & Tricks for Paxia IFX: Specifications

Get Specifications tips and detailed instructions for Paxia IFX.

Top 10 Tips & Tricks for Paxia IFX: Scheduling

Learn about the top tips & tricks for IFX’s Scheduling module.

Top 13 Tips & Tricks for Paxia IFX: Ordering

Discover our favorite Ordering tips & tricks of Paxia IFX.

Top 9 Tips & Tricks for Paxia IFX: Invoicing

Learn more about Invoicing tricks and how to accomplish them for IFX.

Top 4 Tips for Airline Galley Planning

Get our favorite recommendations and step-by-step instructions from our Paxia GP Experts.


Paxia Business Cases

Three airlines. Three challenging operational situations. Learn how these airlines saved costs and increased revenue.

Paxia GP Innovations

Learn how Paxia GP innovations have simplified the complexities of airline galley planning.

Airline Catering Management ROI Savings

See how much airlines can realize in ROI savings with Paxia Solutions.

Paxia IFX Innovations

See how IFX innovations help airlines reduce catering costs in our enhancement snapshot.

Top 5 Specifications Tips & Tricks for IFX

Glance at our top 5 Specifications tips & tricks for Paxia IFX.

Top 10 Scheduling Tips & Tricks for IFX

Take a quick look at the Top 10 Scheduling tips & tricks for Paxia IFX.

Top 13 Ordering Tips & Tricks for IFX

Get an At-a-Glance look at the Top 13 Ordering tips & tricks for Paxia IFX.

Top 9 Invoicing Tips & Tricks for IFX

Discover our favorite top 9 Invoicing tips & tricks for Paxia IFX.

Top 4 Tips for Airline Galley Planning

Learn about our top 4 tips for Paxia GP during the COVID-19 disruption.

Airline Catering Management Solutions

The world’s leading airlines count on Paxia’s cloud-based catering solutions.