Paxia GP Innovations

Since the initial Galley Planning release in 1996, Paxia has been invested in bringing to market airline catering management software that not only meets customers’ needs, but is also innovated in its approach to simplifying the complexities of catering management for airlines. Our expert product team works closely with our global customer base to continuously […]

Paxia IFX Innovations

For over 20 years, Paxia has had a rich history of continuous improvement and constant feature enhancements which provide catering management solutions that fit the needs of our global customer base. Driven by our expert product team and our customer visionaries, we have designed our products to enable swift changes in direction to deliver solutions […]

Three Reasons to Ditch the Spreadsheet and Modernize Your Airline Catering Operations

Every industry has a story of how modern technology has either empowered its ability to quickly adapt in times of change, or held it back. Despite the significance of the airline industry to global economic health, many carriers are still operating with outdated methods of organizing and sharing information. This is especially challenging during this […]